Tuesday, May 10, 2011


...to the cross. There is no where else to turn when tragedy like this most recent one strikes. Clinging...to my daughter a little more tightly... battening down the hatches a bit tighter than usual practices...walking around in a clouded daze. In a way, I feel that trust has been violated. Yesterday, I lived in one of the safest communities aroud, today it's a different story.  To think that just last summer my daughter was involved in dance lessons at the studio not 500 feet away from the apts. where this happened!!! That's a bit too close for comfort to me!

But I will reflect and be thankful that we are safe as a family at home, still I  feel the loss as if it were my own. Wanting an answer, a definition for what could possess someone to act out like this, In my humanness I desire justice, but in Christ I feel a call to mercy upon a lost soul that never heard the truth.  I am not to judge, for judgement can only come from above and is His alone. I am angry that a little girl had to die for the authorities to take her seriously. (there are reports that incidences happened two weeks ago between the victim and perpertrator!!!) It causes me to wonder if my daugher would be taken seriously if an issue arose? Have we become so cold as a society that we believe a nine-year old girl "asked" for this? Have we lost all sense of morality that we could possibly think she "provoked" it?  It is just so sad. My heart aches....for all affected by this unnecessary loss.

I am numb.

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  1. Very well written - Laura.

    This is really tough to comprehend, understand and relate to. I agree - I wonder the same. Would my kids be believed if something like this were to happen to them?

    We can only cling to the Cross. I'll admit, I was rather on edge yesterday -for sure.